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10 things about WWE that every 90s fan would remember!

10 things about WWE that every 90s fan would remember!

10. Brock Lesnar’s superplex to Big Show breaking the ring

This was a big moment for the fans watching it live as no one expected the ring to collapse, but when around 900 pounds go down on a ring from a height of around 5 feet, the ring is bound to go down.

9. Goldberg’s Spears

Edge, Batista & Roman Reigns, all three of them gave spears but none of their spear could compare to Goldberg’s beastly spear which could break people’s ribs. See the video and enjoy some of his best spears.


8. Rock Vs Triple H- World Heavyweight Championship

There have been a number of matches between Rock & Triple H and the fans have got some of the best entertainment from these two. But this match, in which World Heavyweight championship was on line, was one of the biggest matches of Monday night RAW and it saw host of wrestlers including Undertaker, Kane and McMahons interrupting the match.

7. Return of the Rock in RAW in 2002

The most electrifying superstar of the World Wrestling, The Rock, apart from winning acclaim for his performance in the wrestling matches, is well known for entertaining his fans in the ring with his antics.  His return in Raw in 2002 was a surprise and gave goose-bumps to his fans as he forced Vince McMahon to leave the ring.

6. Stone Cold’s stunners

Stonecold’s stunners and beer drinking in the ring have been was something which most of the 90s WWE fans have cherished a lot.

5. Return of Undertaker from the dead

The return of the Deadman was one thing which every kid during the 90s waited for. I still remember the time when I felt so amazed watching it and would later discuss with other kids in school about the entire incident.

4. The biggest rivals of all times- The Rock & Stone Cold

If we look back at the journey of WWE, generally there has only been one man, one icon at a point of time who has defined that period. But there has only been one exception where the WWE fans witnessed the unthinkable. The two biggest superstars of all time, Rock and Stone Cold also happened to be the biggest rivals. They entertained their fans in every way possible and gave WWE the best of matches over the years.

3. Bret Hart returns to RAW 2010 - confronts Shawn Micheals after 12 years

After 12 years, Bret Hart finally confronted Shawn Michaels and buried the hatchet. It was an emotional moment not only for the two superstars but also for the fans who had been waiting for this moment for years.

2. The Montreal Screwjob

This was one of the most controversial incidents of WWF in which WWF owner and Chairman Vince McMahon and few other employees secretly changed the outcome of the main event match between Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels at the Survivor Series of 1997 held in Montreal, Canada. Bret Hart followers in Canada were quite disappointed with the incident and Bret Hart even punched Vince McMahon post match.


1. Shawn Michaels’ Wrestlemania XII Entrance

Nothing could beat Shawn Michael’s entry in Wrestlemania XII. The zipliner entry from top of the arena, which still gives goosebumps to Michael’s fans of the 90s, makes it to the most memorable moment of the 90s.


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