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12 Controversies That Rocked IPL

It’s high time we stop blaming the men from the capital. It seems that the city brings out the worst even from our foreign guests. Luke Pomersbach was charged and arrested by the Delhi Police for molesting a US woman of Indian origin.


Did the drama queen of Indian cricket ask for it? Well that is between him and his slap-mate Harbhajan Singh.



Like they say “No money is enough money!”

Who says?

At least five players have been banned from all forms of cricket because of their involvement in spot fixing. The sting operation caught these players taking bribes to spot-fix matches - Shalabh Srivatava, TP Sudhindra, Abhinav Bali, Mohnish Mishra, and Amit Yadav.


Don’t underestimate The Power of a Common Man. What stands true in Chennai Express is also applicable for Wankhede stadium incident. Only the man in question is not so common in Mumbai. Mr Shah Rukh Khan’s drunken argument with a stadium staff earned him a ban on entering the Wankhede Stadium for five years.


“Dhyaan se Dekhiye is chehre ko!” Mr. Controversy aka Sreesanth spends more time in news than on a cricket field.  He was handed a life ban by the BCCI for his involvement in spot-fixing in IPL 2013.


It seems that someone wants to eat his cake and bet on it too! Gurunath Meiyappan, son-in-law of BCCI president N. Srinivasan and a top official in Chennai Super Kings, was arrested by Mumbai Crime Branch in connection with illegal betting.


Once there was a tea vendor who has now become the prime minister of our country. The story of the other Modi however is opposite to that of Prime Minister. Lalit Modi, who conceived the idea of the IPL tournament and made it a huge success, was sacked for alleged misappropriation of funds. A legal case was filed against him.



Sir Ravindra Jadeja doesn’t join a team. He adopts one! Apparently he wasn’t happy with the contract offered by Rajasthan Royals and was trying to negotiate a contract with another franchise, in turn delaying the signing of his contract existing at that time. He was banned from playing in the IPL 2010 for the same reason.



You Don’t Pay! You Don’t Play! The IPL franchise Pune Warriors India (PWI) had to withdraw from IPL after having failed to pay the full franchise fee for the year 2013.



Mixing sports and politics! A huge controversy erupted when Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa refused to entertain Sri Lankan players in the IPL matches, which were to be played in Chennai. This reaction of hers was in response to the Sri Lankan Tamils issue which dominates Tamil politics.



One thing we love is banning people, practices and systems! Pakistan players were banned from participating in IPL 2009 due to diplomatic tension between India and Pakistan and the ban still remains.



When in Rome, You Don’t Drop the Romans! Saurav Ganguly’s exclusion from IPL 2011 by Kolkata Knight Riders led to huge protest on social media as well as the streets of Kolkata.


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