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5 Things Only a Sportsperson Can Understand

Subject to the drudgery of gruelling training and myriad challenges throughout their careers, all along with government apathy and administrative wrangling, sportspersons are a tough lot weathering tempests in their quest for glory. Take a look at what sets them apart and the unique experiences that only a sportsperson can fully relate to.


1) Apathy and derision

In a country where pursuit of a sporting career is seen with cynicism, where access to even basic infrastructure is absent, where getting a sponsorship is an uphill task and where many parents are averse to the idea of their children taking sports as a career choice, sportspeople - both amateurs and aspirants who hope to make it big - are forced to hope against hope, battle despair, apathy and tenaciously defy the taunts of their detractors every day. The pain of rejection is something that sportspeople can deeply relate to.


2) Evading the Administrative quagmire

More than the exacting demands of a sport, athletes have to be particularly adept at appeasing the board and pander to the whims and fancies of the administration to sustain their careers. The heckling trials and tribulations can dispirit and depress even the toughest of passions. It is an uphill struggle to juggle between a career and diplomacy, each so distinct from each other. This sorry state of affairs singularly impacts the morale of a sportsperson.


3) Ruthless Training Regimen

A career in sports means that you have to mortify your ‘self’, stretch yourself to the extreme and subject your body, mind and spirit to the meanest and hardest of trials. The will to succeed must endure numerous obstacles and go on undeterred in the quest for glory. The exacting toll on the human body, mind and spirit can be thoroughly experienced in sports. Added to this, maintaining prime form is a tricky issue and a sudden, unexpected dip in form can have severe repercussions. In some cases, excessive training can lead to burnout and negative effects on the performance.


4) Respect and Fame

When, as a result of undying will and sheer passion, a sportsperson brings glory and fame to the sport and the country, people hail him/her as a star and as a hero of the nation. The person is accorded utmost respect, adored and emulated by the public. This privileged position makes sportspersons warm and joyous. But, it also thrusts upon them a huge obligation to upkeep the dreams of fans who have reposed their trust on them.


5) The Ecstasy of Triumph

The unbeatable feeling of emerging victorious is what keeps every sportsperson go on and keep rooting for glory. The culmination of years of rigorous training boils down to that single moment when the dream nurtured for years with a frenzied passion comes true. The feeling of euphoria overwhelms and sometimes even makes the person cry, fall down on knees, or even become stupefied in a daze. It's a realm of its own, where you have to be present to experience, relish and cherish it for a lifetime. This is the crowning glory that sports bestow on its votaries and this exhilarating moment is what sportspersons crave for – as their ultimate goal and passion.

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