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5 Ways of Bringing Exercises into your daily routine

Procrastination, since time immemorial, has wrecked & ruined even the most meticulous of plots and has frustrated many dear ambitions. We’re always so busy (or so we claim) that we don’t have time to work-out. Sedentary lifestyle has taken a heavy toll on our physical and mental well-being, so much so that we feel bogged down and just want to slouch on the couch, fixated on our gadgets in a stupor at the end of the day. Inactivity deranges your metabolism and leads to physical weakness and mental lethargy. These, then collectively combine to dissuade you from physical activity, trapping you in a vicious cycle.

If you are caught up by this malady, here are five astoundingly simple ways to escape the clutches of this Deadly affliction


5) The Stairs are calling!

Let’s admit this-We’ve all been guilty of taking up an elevator, be it at work or at a shopping mall. We find ourselves too lazy to climb the huge fleet of stairs, and even if we do so, we come up flustered, huffing and puffing vowing to never embark on such a risky stunt act ever again.You don’t have to climb a whole lot of stairs all at once. For a start, take the lift at the 1st floor instead of at the ground. Keep challenging yourself and raise the bars up!


4) Park your Vehicle away

Though, health activists are extolling the magical benefits of biking to work, it simply isn’t practical for many of us commuting to far flung places to eke out a living. Don’t worry! You too can get into the bandwagon! All you have to do is to park your vehicle just a little away from your work place and then walk the rest of the distance. Now, consider this a challenge and keep on parking your vehicle away and more away (be careful not to park it too far away!)


3) Explore Weekends

Weekends aren’t for binge watching the endless soaps on TV or videos on YouTube. Being a couch potato is going to send you down in a spiral to your grave. Get out of that reverie and go out. Take a walk, breathe in the soothing morning breeze, indulge in the tranquil twilight and be overwhelmed by the riot of sensations that overpower and pin you down in a trance. Jog, run, cycle and do anything to awaken your senses. Plan an adventure or a football match with your friends this weekend.


2) Play with the Kids (or whoever is out playing)

If you have kids, you know how irksome kids could be at times. But what you don’t know is that your best shot on becoming fit actually lies with your children. Play with your kids, even if it is a simple game. It serves in creation of a bond between you and your kids and also helps you become fit. If you don’t have kids or your kids play with some other kids, don’t worry! You can gather a group of people like you and play games with them every day, while sharing hot office stories and humour (no gossips that could hurt you!) that would refresh both your body and mind.


1) Exercise in short bursts

This is the easiest way to incorporate exercise into your packed daily schedule. The commercials that test your patience on TV are really there for a cause. Mute your television during the marathon breaks in between your favourite shows and do some good old squats, push ups and lunges to build up your weathered body and chisel it back into great shape!

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