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7 Things you should know about the Biggest Fight of the Century

Manny Pacquiao is the first and only boxer to win world titles in eight different weight divisions and that is why he is called “Eight Division World Champion”,  while Floyd Mayweather is referred to as the “Five Division undefeated World Champion” due to his perfect 47-0 unbeaten record.



The on and off saga has finally culminated into a boxing extravaganza which is expected to be the highest grossing match ever in history with over $600 million riding on it in TV rights and other deals, out of which $300 million is expected to be split 60/40 in Mayweather's favour.



Mayweather is bookie's favourite with a 2:1 odds ratio. Somewhere between $60 and $80 million worth of bets are expected to be placed by the time the match starts, which is double the amount of money ever been wagered on any previous boxing match ever.



The specially designed belt, which is to be awarded to the winner, costs a whopping $1 million and is encrusted with several emeralds and other gems.



Freddie Roach, Hall of Fame trainer, is the man in Pacquiao's corner and has to his credit training 27 world champions and has been voted Trainer of the Year seven times by the Boxing Writers' Association of America.



Mayweather, the more aggressive of the two, is considered to be a defensive wizard constantly frustrating his opponents by staying out of range from their punches with the shoulder roll defense, also known as “”The Philly Shell”, being his signature move. He has an extremely effective uppercut and body cringing jibes as part of his vast arsenal.



Pacquiao, on the other hand, has a canon of a left hand which he fires from different angles and heights. Combined with his speed and ability to cover distance, the southpaw has proved to be a deadly opponent to many. His stance at the end of each attack is something that has held him in good stead as he protects himself from retaliation and prepares himself for a swift following move with it.





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