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Health Benefits Of Water

Water is everywhere around us and we all are aware of 2/3 of the earth being water. It helps us in every form and has more benefits than we realize. So today I would like to tell you how water is probably the best thing that happened to mankind, since without it there would be no mankind.

  1. Weight loss: Yes ladies you heard that right! Drinking water before a meal can make you lose weight faster than people who do not drink water before a meal. The extra intake of water helps us to keep away from overeating and also ups metabolism (read more about this here: Often thirst is mistaken for hunger; therefore, next time if you feel sluggish, drink a glass of water and you will feel revived.

  2. May prevent Cancer: Researches have found that H2O reduces the incidence of bladder cancer. The research is still in progress, but present results have shown that passing high amount of water can prevent bladder carcinogens from building up. Research has shown that it may also prevent the risk of breast and Colon cancer.

  3. Keeps the kidney working: Kidneys are the work force of our body, because they make everything run smoothly. But these constantly working parts need lubrication from water to function efficiently. So, everyone out there hydrate yourself for healthy kidneys. Drinking water in the morning will help you clean your kidney better since there is no food in the system.

  4. Helps you stay alert: Long study session, never ending assignments or boring lectures, everything makes you struggle to stay awake. But next time instead of picking up that black coffee go for something more natural, grab a glass of water. Dehydration can impair your attention span, memory, and motor skills. Keep water handy as it helps you stay refreshed, hydrated, and focused. Excessive intake of caffeine on the other hand, has several side effects such as high blood pressure, indigestion, insomnia and an excess consumption can lead to early death as well.

  5. It can improve your mood: Even slight dehydration can affect your mood negatively. Drinking water hydrates you and instantly lifts your mood. You may not even need it severely, but a little water refreshes you. Next time if you feel down, choose the healthier option-of water-over those chocolate bars and ice-cream tubs.

  6. It makes better and healthier cocktails: Great news for all the party animals out there. Use soda water instead of those sugar filled mixers for a more refreshing drink. The water keeps you hydrated. The sugar infused syrups have added calories. Hard drinks don’t have a lot of calories of their own, therefore you should switch to water or water based sodas.

  7. Prevents hangovers: This one is again for all those people who like to let themselves loose once in a while with a few too many drinks; water also helps to cure hangovers. Alcohol causes severe dehydration that leads to hangovers. Have a glass of water with each drink to keep those hangovers away.

  8. Gargling keeps you healthier: A study, involving 400 participants, showed that during cold and flu season those who regularly gargle are less likely to contract respiratory diseases.  

  9. It’s linked with heart diseases: Research has shown that water intake reduces the risk of coronary heart disease; whereas, ‘high energy fluids’ like juice and soda actually increase the risk. Juices contain several essential vitamins that are vital for our body; however, they cannot be considered replacement for water. Excessive intake of juices can lead to problems. They contain high levels of sugar that are not good for body. The citric juices contain high level of acid that leads to heartburns. Packed juices have high levels of preservatives, which, needless to say, are not as healthy as we believe them to be. Therefore water is always a better option for a healthy body, since it has no added preservatives or extra sugar content.

    Read more about the research:

  10. Drinking stops headaches naturally: Too much heat often leads to severe headache, which in turn can trigger migraine. Water has been shown to  reduce headache within 30 minutes of consumption. An average of 2 glasses should be consumed to relieve your body of any dehydration. However if you have already been hit by the migraine due to dehydration/heat, then the water will take longer to have an effect. Therefore, keep yourself always hydrated.

These are some of the health benefits of drinking water. In addition, water has myriad of other benefits and usages. Water aerobics, snow/water workout, and treatments using frozen water to relieve and rehabilitate injured joints and bones are some of the leading methods suitable for remedial and fitness purposes.

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