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Yoga performed under hot and humid conditions is called hot yoga. Heat is used while doing yoga to increase the flexibility rate and decrease the possibility of an injury. This form of yoga has been developed to replicate the hot and humid conditions of India, the birth place of yoga, in cold countries.


Hot yoga means performing the yoga asana in a room whose temperature is high. It was first found by Bikram Choudhary. He had found himself shivering while teaching yoga to his students in Japan and had to increase the room temperature out of necessity, thereby leading him to develop this improvised version of yoga. He saw that his students were more flexible in these conditions and that the health benefits were greater. He then launched his first studio with room heaters in the year 1972 in San Francisco.



Hot yoga is generally considered to be another name for Bikram yoga as they both are based on performing yoga with heat. However there are slight differences between the two.

Bikram yoga has a particular set of 26 positions and 2 breathing exercises, which are done at the room temperature of 105degrees Fahrenheit. Whereas, Hot yoga is performed at the temperature of 95 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit and it does not have fixed set of poses.


Hot yoga is very effective for weight loss because the increased temperatures notch up the sweat levels and percentage of calorie burnt is way greater than that of it burnt by performing yoga at room temperatures. There have been cases in which 1000 calories have been lost in a single class of 90 minutes.

Apart from the benefit of calorie busting, detoxification also happens to be one of the primary gains. Practitioners of hot yoga have said that after a session they feel that the toxins have been flushed out of their system. It is because the heat makes the blood more fluid and helps drain the lymphatic system. This is why it is noticed that hot yoga leads to taught and glowing skin.

The general idea of yoga is that one has to warp his body to execute the asanas. This perception is not completely true. The heat warms and relaxes the muscles, as a result of which flexibility increases and chances of injuries decline.

It is said that the health of your spine determines the span of your life, and in yoga most of the asanas lay emphasis on spine. Also, exercises on the spine help in improving the posture.  

On following this program one can have relief from stress, enhanced coordination and concentration, and a strong core.

Hot yoga happens to be the cure of many diseases as well. Some of them include

  • Arteriosclerosis
  • Hypoglycaemia
  • Diabetes
  • Chronic shoulder pain
  • Reproductive disorders

 More Benefits



Hot yoga is very popular in U.S.A and Korea.

It is also practiced by celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna and Andy Murray. The fact that many eminent personalities have embraced the practice has accentuated its popularity. Inclement weather might not be suitable for people, but it is certainly conducive for the practice.

Since hot yoga uses high temperatures to replicate the weather conditions of India, it is not all that popular here as of yet. India anyway has a hot and humid climate and Hot yoga sprung up out of a necessity to replicate the Indian weather abroad. So when the people of India have the proper conditions available naturally, they do not seem interested in the artificial version of it.

But there are lots who resort to hot yoga during winters as low temperatures dissuade many people from taking a pair of running shoes and going out in the chilly air.

Besides, it is quite difficult to perspire in winter when you work out. However, no need to worry when you have hot yoga at your disposal. It will make you sweat buckets and refresh you as all the toxins and calories are washed out of your body.



You might think about reasons for one opting for hot yoga over normal yoga. The following reasons will help you understand the advantages of Hot Yoga.

  1. Hot yoga helps to loosen the muscles hugely, keeping fatigue at bay. One can stretch to a great extent and safely in a hot and humid room rather than in a relatively cold room. So those who have back problems can also do it. There are people with shortened back muscles who have successfully carried out the asanas and in fact, have reaped the benefits. The cumulative effect of loosened muscles, lower fatigue, and better ability to stretch is high energy levels.
  2. Hot yoga increases the oxygen absorption and metabolic rates of the muscles, leading to better endurance during workout.
  3. Regular yoga practice increases the lung capacity by 30-40%, but in hot yoga the lung capacity increases by almost 50%.

Hot yoga calls for an intensive workout and pools of sweat. With numerous therapeutic elements hidden in its every pose, it is not something to be taken lightly.



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