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How to fit in a sport into your busy schedule

We’re constantly striving to better ourselves so that we could survive in the stiff competition that prevails everywhere. The acute time shortage that we fret about as we frantically try to meet deadlines takes a grave toll on our personal lives and health. It is imperative that we don’t lose track of our health amidst the pressures of everyday life.

This article addresses the problem of time shortage, which is the number one reason for people missing exercise and sports in their daily schedules.

To overcome the pressing problem of finding time to pursue a sport or exercise, you could follow the tips below.


1) Sleep Early and Wake Up Early

The simple step of sleeping early (preferably before 10 PM) and waking up early (around 5 AM) reduces fatigue and keeps you fresh throughout the day by aligning your internal circadian rhythm with the natural diurnal rhythm. If you stay up late, you’ll feel drowsy on waking up the next morning and consequently, your productivity throughout the day will be reduced.

Increased productivity will enable you to have more expendable time at hand, which could be put to good use on a sport. Further, in the refreshing early morning, when streets, parks, and grounds are quite deserted, it would be fulfilling and ideal to play a sport with the dawning sun’s caressing rays enriching the precincts.


2) Make an account of how you spend your time

The saying that “Time is not wasted in hours but rather in minutes and seconds” is noteworthy. Make an account of how you spend your time in a day and add up all the time that you expend on an unworthy cause. Once you identify how you lose your time, plug the wasteful gaps and refresh yourself with some sport!


3) Innovate-Multitask

Tired of bland boring meetings and discussions? Innovate! Whenever possible, Instead of using the confining setup of the office board room, discuss the details of your agreements, plans, or projects over a sport! Instead of meeting up with friends in a restaurant, liven up and electrify the atmosphere with a sport match or even a tournament between friends! Engaging in a game of tennis or football is a great way of nurturing camaraderie.


4) Bring Sports to the workplace

Realizing the benefits of sports in every sphere of life, be it productivity or health, corporates are turning to a sport-friendly workplace atmosphere - where facilities for playing sports co-exist with the conventional workplace. It could be as simple as a Table Tennis board or a basketball hoop, but the benefits that could be reaped are tremendous.


5) Change your Lifestyle

Our generation is hooked to television, smartphones and the internet. Rather than de-stressing people after a weary work day, these utilities just sap energy further, adding to the pall and gloom. Say ‘No’ to the temptations to take up the smartphone and instead take up a sport to detox. You’ll feel enlivened and light like never before!

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