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How to select Soccer Shoes

How to select Soccer Shoes

For a footballer, it is his feet that do the talking. Hence, it is imperative to have a pair of shoes that suits your playing requirements. Boots with attractive colour combinations and designs, neatly racked for display, will surely light up your eyes; but, for a player, utility is more important than the aesthetics. Just as the type of tyres of a Ferrari or a Mercedes depends on the surface of a Formula 1 circuit, the type of studs you wear depends on the condition of the pitch. If you are yet to visit a store to buy cleats, read on to find the kind of footwear that will help you to bring out your A-game.


Firm Ground

The first and most popular are Firm Ground (FG) shoes. It is a versatile piece of equipment which can be used on all firm surfaces. Old school and classic in nature, FG boots have served the footballing generation for a long time. They are also well known for their traction and stability.

Soft Ground

The second is Soft Ground (SG) and is usually used in soft and wet surfaces, especially muddy ones. These shoes possess bladed studs which provide added traction on the slippery surfaces. Nowadays, these cleats feature metal tipped and replaceable studs. However, usage of SG shoes on hard surfaces can result into grave injuries.

Hard Ground

Hard Ground (HG) is third on the list and as the name suggests, can be used on all hard surfaces, including artificial turfs. This particular type has numerous short studs spread throughout the bottom surface of the shoe. Most importantly, it is well known for its durability. In a country like India, where turf-culture is on the rise, these shoes can become the vogue among football fanatics.


The position you play in also influences your choice of cleats. Though your cleats will belong to the above three types, the material used is likely to change.  


Goalkeepers would prefer to use HG or FG. If the grass near the goalposts is non-existent, then HG is a better choice. But, if the keeper frequently moves out of his comfort zone to support his Center Backs, then FGs might be more suitable as they will not slow you down even when you move into greener areas.

Full Backs would require cleats that offer the perfect combination of pace and traction. This is because, their job is not only to defend but also to support their midfielders. Therefore a fullback can choose between FG and SG, whichever is appropriate for the pitch conditions. It is also suggested that you stick to Synthetic leather or plain synthetic as they make the shoe lighter.

Centre Backs need something more traditional; something that would give them a dominating presence on the field. FGs generally fits a Centre Back, because of traction they provide. CBs that are required to move up the field prefer lighter boots. However, lighter boots tend to wear out pretty quickly.

Midfielders are the cogs of a team. If you’re a midfielder, you’d require a pair that should make you a constant threat for the full 90 minutes. Defensive midfielders would want something that’s on the lighter side (compared to Centre Back). Attacking midfielders, however would require an even lighter pair of boots so that can they can have the necessary pace and can provide accurate defence-splitting passes.

Strikers have one of the most challenging positions on the field, as the only yarsticks for measuring their performance are assists and goals, and the choice of boots depends heavily on what kind of forward you are. If you are one with good pace and dribbling skills, then follow the Wingers and Attacking Mids while choosing cleats. But if you’re slightly slower, a goal poacher and an excellent finisher, Synthetic leather FGs can serve better.

The most common mistake that you are bound to make is to buy the same pair of cleats your idols wear. It may be true that, Messi , Ronaldo or Rooney show extraordinary prowess in their boots, but that doesn’t mean you should emulate them. Footwear that enhances your specific capabilities and makes you feel comfortable is what counts the most. MySportsAdda hopes that you use the information provided above to choose appropriate studs and become a star on the field.



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