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Play Tennis ! Stay Fit !

Play Tennis ! Stay Fit !

Tennis has evolved into a big phenomenon. People around the globe idolize superstars of the sport and it is played with a religious zeal.

But why should we play tennis and what makes it stand out?

Tennis portrays a classic rivalry and this pull is probably too strong to be overlooked. It’s just one man against another, locking horns in a battle of will and skill.

The workout that pushes your body to the edge is the most rewarding one and tennis is the arguably the best form of that workout. Irrespective of your skill level, the sheer desire to beat the person on the other side of the net will drive you to test your limits.

A serve of a professional male athlete is around 250Km/h. For a hobbyist who plays tennis for the sake of fitness, a serve of around 150-200km/h should be good. But what if the other person has a reply to a strong serve? Be prepared to throw yourself around or to put in an energy sapping dash.   

Speaking of fitness, tennis helps in striking a balance between physical wellbeing and mental health. A strong grunt, dive, or a ferocious arm movement might give you the impression of game being dependent on brute force; however, mental fatigue is as big a factor as body strength is.

When you hit the ball for the first time in a game, you are brimming with enthusiasm and energy. But, 20-30 minutes later, your muscles start shouting in unison for rest. Endure the pain for few extra minutes to break the physical and mental barriers.

Further, tennis helps in burning calories as running is its integral part. Continuous exertion tones your body and more crucially, it reduces the possibility of heart ailments. Play it for an hour and depending upon your style of play, you might end up covering around 2Km.

Alertness is another area in which you are required to work. Had strong will and muscles been the only necessities, tennis would not have been a hit among the sports lovers. Whether you are playing a forceful forehand or a delicate drop shot, the decision to select any one of the two is as vital as the as the strength and skill required to play those shots.

Tennis will drain you both physically and mentally. Interestingly, elements of the game that forces you to sprawl on the ground will also pull you to the court. If you have not tried the sport, go ahead and try your hand at it. Tennis may be a demanding sport; but, once you give it what it exacts, you will gain lot more in return.

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