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Why Yoga?


Every youngster who thinks that Yoga is a euphemism for lack of vigor and vitality is generally deceived by the slow movements and calmness involved in the practice. The reality is that you don’t have to throw 100 punches in a minute or sprint at 25 mph to showcase or maintain your strength and stamina. All the physical and mental wellbeing can be achieved through Yoga, in a very subtle manner. In fact, a day or two of the week can be dedicated to Yoga to increase the efficacy of your normal workout routine.



Improved immunity


A well-toned body is just one part of a healthy body. The other aspect is the immunity, especially for adolescents as their bodies are in the growth phase. Simple yet effective, breathing techniques can help you build a strong immunity system over a period of time. When a 17 year old is busy with academics, sport, and other pursuits, few minutes can easily be set aside for Yoga.



Strength gain and weight Control


Push-ups, pull-ups, crunches, punching, kicking etcetera are good methods for gaining strength and toning muscles. However, if you are under the notion that the mentioned routines are the only viable methods, then you might not be aware of the power of Yoga. Kapal Bhati Pranayama is just one of the many exercises that can help in keeping a check on the weighing machine needle.



High energy level


As you continuously toggle between professional and personal lives, the sheer stamina to perform all the tasks without any lapse in concentration plays a vital role. Five to ten minutes of meditation in the middle of a busy day can recharge you completely for the rest of your time in office, college, or home.





Practicing Yoga is one of the best methods for dealing with stress. Stress related problems do not manifest easily; errors and inefficiency slowly seep into your work and eventually can mar your progress or reputation. Nonetheless, pranayama and meditation at the end of the day will de-stress you and ensure that you start the next morning with exuberance.



Healthy posture and increased flexibility

Pain resulting from improper postures is one of the major problems youngsters face in day to day life. To achieve flexibility and healthy posture, yoga needs to be incorporated in your daily routine. Performing yoga exercises continuously will impart strength to muscles, bones, and tendons, eventually leading to proper body postures and flexibility.

All the five benefits collectively are necessary for a healthy body and soul. Popularity of yoga perhaps rests on the elementary principle of the discipline, that is physical fitness goes hand in hand with mental wellbeing. Yoga is definitely much more than a set of poses.

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