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You and Your Workout - a better love story than Twilight!

In an age of obsession with looks, and with the cosmetics industry burgeoning at a rapid pace, one must realize that good health is the root from which natural good looks emanate and must strive to maintain health with routine workouts. The outcomes of working out and building muscles are manifold, and highly rewarding. Let’s look at what Working Out and building muscles can do for you.


  • Confidence and Self-Esteem

When it comes to making a mark in any situation, confidence is the quintessential factor. Unfortunately many of us lack confidence, because of past failures or bitter experiences. These experiences also pull down our self-esteem, our image of ourselves. As a result, we feel down, rejected, negative and develop an inferiority complex. The resulting diffidence acts as an anti-social barrier, which only serves to repulse people further from us, leading to a vicious cycle.

This could be broken down by a disciplined workout regimen that builds up the body and also causes release of endorphins in the nervous system, causing happiness, positive outlook and temperate behavior.


  • Increased Efficiency, Less Fatigue

Exercise, in addition to building your body, clears the clutter in your brain and makes you more focussed on the task at hand, enabling increased efficiency, productivity and quality. As a result, you could save up precious time which could be put to wonderful use. Further, along with the endorphin release, as your body learns to use its nutritional supplies efficiently, you feel less weary at the end of the day.


  • Changed Behavior

Throwing up tantrums too-often? Feeling panicky at the slightest cue of adversity? For the finicky and the intemperate, workouts come as a boon that reins in the emotions running amok, endowing composure and turning one affable. There is a radical shift in one’s perspective, with a rational and balanced outlook towards the ups and downs of life. In addition, social respect and goodwill born out of better social interactions boost up self-esteem and make one feel good.


  • Improved Quality of Life

When you work out, you build up your body which provides some long lasting dividends like good physical, mental and emotional health - right unto your ripe years. You’ll feel less-stressed and be able to do more & be more.


  • Tenacity and Strong Will Power

As you discipline your body and accustom yourself to the rigorous demands of Regular workout, you’ll develop a never-say-die attitude and an unbreakable will to succeed that is very much what makes people successful.

Workouts require discipline. If you keep on going for it, you’re sure to reach your goal of building up the body and mind. Besides the conspicuous bodily changes, there are numerous mental and emotional benefits that accompany workouts.


It’s “better late than never”. Get out of that couch now and start making a plan. Incorporate workouts into your daily routine and fall in love with yourself.


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