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You Will Never Walk Alone Stevie

You Will Never Walk Alone Stevie

Right from his early years at Liverpool, he has been the source of inspiration and the pivot around which the entire team revolved. The man was an institution in himself, and one will have to look beyond numbers to get a measure of his status at Anfield. He was not the best dribbler, but had a soldier-like attitude. Although the role of ‘central midfielder’ was preferred by him, he never shied away from the responsibility of playing as a winger, second striker, or an attacking midfielder. His goal against Olympiacos in the dying minutes of the game and the Champions League victory are probably the two defining moments of his career with Liverpool.

Steven George Gerrard was the perfect embodiment of loyalty and resilience. Before he walks out for one last time at Anfield, here is the reminder of some of the best goals of the man who for the most part of his career was ‘The commander under siege’.


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